O-Zone treatment


  • Improves the microbiological quality of air and surfaces.
  • Eliminates viruses, contamination, and bacteria.
  • Eliminates allergens - the source of allergies.
  • Eliminates molds and yeasts from surfaces and air.
  • Eliminates bad odors.

Our sanitation technology is the latest solution applied in hospitals to disinfect operational theaters. It is also specifically designed for cars due to its effectiveness and ease of application.

Within minutes, it is capable of producing a perfectly sanitized, allergen-free and odorless car cabin.

It utilizes the oxygen in the cabin, converting it to ozone at the concentration and quantity needed to sanitize the environment and then converts it back to oxygen, allowing a chemical free treatment for a better environment.

Over the years the FDA have certified that ozone is the only natural gas capable of inactivating and eradicating viruses, bacteria, molds and yeasts.

In order to sanitize safely and thoroughly, ozone must be generated according to certain saturation times and concentrations. Only ETP systems can guarantee the safe generation of ozone, therefore ensuring that once an environment has been treated, it is safe for individuals.