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On the occasion of 91st Saudi national day, united motors are celebrating this occasion with their clients by offering the most needed service at the moment, we offer you sanitization treatment By ozone for your vehicle giving you the full trust that your vehicle is free from the below:

• Improves the microbiological quality of air and surfaces.

• Eliminates viruses, contamination, and bacteria.

• Eliminates allergens - the source of allergies.

• Eliminates molds and yeasts from surfaces and air.

• Eliminates bad odors.

It is specifically designed for cars due to its effectiveness and ease of application.

Within minutes, it is capable of producing a perfectly sanitized, free of viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors..

It utilizes the oxygen in the cabin, converting it to ozone at the concentration and quantity needed to sanitize the environment and then converts it back to oxygen,

allowing a chemical-free treatment for a better environment.

you can get all this with an attractive offer of 199 SAR instead of 255 SAR not only this,

with a very special price of 149 SAR only for vaccinated people who got the completed two doses


  • The campaign is valid for all United motors brands.
  • The campaign is available in all United motors workshops & express lanes.
  • All prices are included VAT.
  • No Appointment is required.
  • The campaign is valid till the end of Sep 2021
  • Please prove your health condition through Tawakalna app in order to get the special price.

To get the offer please fill in your details below