Buy a car in 4 easy steps Buying online is easy and can be done on the go or in the comfort of your own home.
Browse and select
Step 01 Browse and select Explore our range of vehicle to find the perfect match for you
Place a deposit and reserve your vehicle with UMC
Step 02 Reserve or Pay in full You can deposit a minimum amount to reserve your vehicle or pay full
Buying Online process explained at UMC
Step 03 Confirmation & Delivery Once we receive your deposit you will receive confirmation email followed by call from our agent to explain further process
Shaking hands over valuation form, with car key on desk
Step 04 Or Trade in You have the option to trade in your old vehicle when purchasing a new car.


What are the options to pay online?

You can reserve your vehicle online with minimum down payment, pay in full or finance it.​

What if I want to cancel and refund?​​​​

You can only cancel and refund your payment before the registration of the vehicle

Is buying online safe?​​​

United Motors Company is a trusted name in Saudi Arabia since 20 years.​​​

Can I trade in or sell my vehicle online?​​

Yes you can trade in your used vehicle with a new one or sell your used car.

Buy my Car online. Trade-in or Sell your car